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Minnesota & Chicago

New York Mills to US Cellular Field

sunny 30 °C

Well Jo got to see her host family - and it was like no time had gone by at all. Picked up right where she left off. Was great to catch up with the entire family - and their now grown up children.
The town hadn't even changed very much - just a few new houses here and there. Marlys cooked huge meals the entire time - that filled the entire table - served buffet style - we certainly were not going hungry there.
The wildlife was pretty amazing as well - saw deer everywhere - saw a snapping turtle laying eggs on the side of the road, and the birdlife was active as well. (was dissapointed that we didn't see a black bear - because there have been recent sitings). Other popular wildlife we missed out on seeing were skunks, racoons, and chipmunks - although we saw a little dead one of those.

Then we hit Chicago.
After an ealier than expected departure from Minneapolis we arrived in Chicago. The plane flight was much quicker than the met rail to our hostel from the Airport - but that's life I guess. Met system runs all nite long - every day - and quite regularly too - even off peak its every 6-7 mins.

Our minds were too busy thinking about the baseball game that night - which met and even exceeded all our expectations. The atmosphere was amazing, the fireworks when a home run was hit, and the final result - being a win to our 'beloved' white sox. There was only one row between us and the outside of the stadium (sold out game) but could still see everything really well.

Yesterday we found our way to Navy Pier - and sampled Chicago Fish and Chips. The fries looked more like potato crisps than chips, but still tasted pretty good, and the Cod wasn't bad either. The 312 beer wasn't bad either.

We also walked the length of the 'magnificant mile' - chicago's answer to Beverly Hills. It seems a lot longer than a mile.

Today we went to the Field Museum - which puts Melbourne's museums to shame. (Sean even took a photo of Winston for Pete) They have every type of preserved animal you can think of (even a tassie devil) - almost in its natural environment. The Dinosaur exibit was pretty cool as well. Most of the exibits are free to enter which contributes to why these american's understand their history so well.

Big culture shock in chicago - is when you catch a train and your the only two caucasean's in the carriage. That doesn't happen in Melbourne.

We haven't exactly witnessed a 'Windy Chicago' it's been quite warm - even the nights have been warm. We are still getting confused about which side the traffic is meant to come from - we even waited for a bus on the wrong side of the road. People don't go left or right here - everything is - north or south, east or west.

Early start tomorrow cos we have to be at airport by 7.00am. And given it took us two hours to get to the hostel - you do the math.

Until New York - cheerio

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Leaving Las Vegas

Now we can finally get some sleep

sunny 41 °C

So much to do so little time. Vegas was what we imagined only bigger. Casino's were so big - and full of flash stores like gucci etc.

Grand Canyon was amazing although the tiny plane that took us was a bit dodgy - however we made it back - that is the main thing. Met some other Victorian's (from Great Western) - so that was funny. Flew over Hoover Dam and Lake Mead as well - that was one big lake.

Currently we are at Denver airport waiting for another connection - which is delayed by 90 mins.

Outlet stores were good for shoes - but didn't find much else that we liked.

White tiger at Mirage was amazing - took about 500 photo's of him in 20 mins. (Highlight of Vegas) He even tried riding a ceramic Elephant in his swimming pool.

The Strip was so long exhausting given the heat - thank goodness for the Deuce bus - that you could catch from your casino to the next.
($5.00 for 24 hour pass). Still didn't see them all.

Until our next entry - ciao

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Rule No 1

never make statements

all seasons in one day 0 °C

I remember saying i can sleep anywhere, and i have too. But the plane got the best of me especially (sean). A magically total of 1.5 hrs in 17 hours of flying. Though jo did not fare so well either 2.5 hrs.

Good news was i did get to see The astronaught farmer a billy bob thornton movie, which was good.

Jo timed her sleep waking up for a hugh grant movie music & lyrics. Maybe that was the trick for me too sleep sort of anyway.

Did have leg room on the wing and our passenger was a canadian(nothing against him) did have personality and sense of humour too.

Customs at LA was a ball. Got off the plane and raced to queue to find that u were finger printed and photographed. Before we could collect baggage. And that was too easy that bit.

Got on a shuttle to hostel with a driver who loved stevie wonder and drove like him. Doing 70mh on freeway and getting passed regularly. (dad u would have loved it)

Made hostel after a detour through downtown LA.

Thats all folks.

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Los Angeles


sunny 24 °C

Our time in Hollywood has just about come to an end. We haven't quite hit the big time ourselves, but stood exactly where george clooney did only 5 days earlier. Hollywood is an amazing place, some fascinating places, some real dives, but I guess it is what you expect. Hummers, porches, mercedes, latest models are about the only vehicles we see.
We caught the bus to Rodeo Drive, along sunset boulevarde, past the Viper Room, and off at the Beverly Hills Hotel. The houses are amazing and Monday morning must the gardeners morning. We were the only people walking along the street, the the gardeners would turn off their blowers while we passed by. You'd all be impressed by the amazing food van that services them.
The shops in Beverely Hills were amazing to look at from the outside - we weren't really game to enter - especially the one with the royal british guard parading out front - we took a photo to proove it.
Santa Monica was our next stop, and we walked along the pier - ate amazing cheese and bacon burgers, and then saw the shops along 3rd St Promonade - which were awesome - but still saving money for stores in Vegas.
We did a walking tour through the Hollywood Hills, and then up Runyan Canyon, that was some mean feat. And could see the 'Hollywood' sign out our bedroom window.
For those doing the GCC Challenge - we are averaging about 20,000 steps a day. (about 12 kilometres a day on foot).
Until our next entry. J&S

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One week to go

Counting down the days

The holiday is becoming a reality, and we think we have everything organised. We went out this weekend to visit some friends before we go - even though 7 weeks will go quickly.

Our travel agent is arranging our eurail passes and we can pick them up either tomorrow or tuesday, then collect a couple silk sleeping bag sheets and that's it. Look out America Sean and Jo are on their way - maybe we're not quite sure what we are in for.

Well we hope to be finding many internet cafe's so we can at least do weekly updates, and we will keep you posted.

Until then!!!!

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